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About us

MYdossier (Division of Zodiac Pharma) is an Indian based Export dossier registration consulting firm. 

Mission: "To become a Research-based International Regulatory Affairs and dossier development centre"

Core Values : We are driven by a desire to excel and exceed customer expectations, provide a joyous working environment for our people and empower them to think big and set ambitious goals. We want to achieve all this in an environment that promotes integrity.

Vision: "Achieving significant business in generic product dossier consultancy with a strong presence in non-regulated and semi-regulated market (Asia, Africa, CIS, Latin America)"

Customer Focus Drive : Customer satisfaction is an expectation that we have built in our markets and we are always looking for new ways to meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations.

Reliability : With reliability comes expectation with expectation comes dependence. We at Zodiac Pharma pride ourselves on the fact that our customers rely on us for the highest standard services.

Quality : All our business practices and services are a hallmark of MYdossier. We aim and succeed in achieving a quality outcome in every avenue of business that we pursue with an unrelenting ambition.