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Patent Services

MYdossier is an Indian based Export dossier registration consulting firm. We offer a wide range of services in the areas of in the areas of Pharma dossier sale, regulatory affairs, handling MOH inquiry, and dossier training for small to medium size pharmaceutical companies to help them to overcome the challenges within the rapidly evolving global pharmaceutical market. MYdossier is a global leader in regulatory consulting and dossier solution for export registration. We write and review dossier as per European CTD / ASEAN CTD / non-CTD (country specific guideline).

We are preparing dossier for patented and non-patented (generic) products. And we provide below patent services:
- Global Patent Information
- Literature for patented product / Innovator product
- Non-infringing process – Analysis
- Non-infringing report
- Patent review
- Patent search
- Prior art search

We have more than 50 satisfied clients in India and out-side India.
We are capable to prepare dossier for more than 90 countries.

For service write email to dossier@zodiacpharma.com.